Thursday, October 8, 2009

WIP : Ferrus Manus on Bike (post 3)

Today I had some time to continue my Ferrus Manus on his bike.
First I attached the shield and then I got into a hard and hazardous process : making the cape with green stuff.

That's what I got. I tried to fold it and give the impression of speed.
I hope that once painted it will look cool. Wait and see! :)
Here are some pictures.

What do you guys think?

I'm going to post a mini tutorial explaining how I did it so you can save some time and efforts trying to do something similar.

Stay tuned!


Monday, October 5, 2009

WIP : Ferrus Manus on Bike (post 2)

Here are some pictures of my Ferrus Manus on Bike project.
(You can find the first post here)
I attached the power axe and I'm currently testing the global position of the model. I want it to be rather dynamic, so I test several positions with some patafix.

I used a lightly modified Chaos Space Marine bike because I liked the "Harley Davidson look"...

Next steps :
- The shield
- The head
- and..... the cape! (this one will be difficult I think ;)

So come back soon for more pictures!


Friday, October 2, 2009

WIP : Building two bike squads

It's been several days since my last post cause I had a lot of work.
However, I still had a little time to start my two bike squads.

I've mounted two bike boxes and I have to start another one an a chaos bike for my Ferrus Manus project (more info here).

At the top of the post you can see the Sergeant I customized with a cloak that was meant to be a captain (original post here).

And here's the oroginal sergeant included into the box. I cut the leg to change its angle to obtain a different position. I used some green stuff to stick it and to cast the shoulder pads.
Here's the result :

More to come!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

WIP : Ferrus Manus on Bike (post 1)

I'm currently working on 2 bike squads for my army, and I want them to be troop choices, so I need a Captain on bike.
Like I told you in one of my last posts, I did a first version of a sergeant but I felt that my army would need a cooler captain ;)

So I've decided to try to do Ferrus Manus himself on a bike.
I want it to be quite impressive so I'll equip him with a power axe and a storm shield, and I'll try to do a cool cloak out of green stuff, larger than this on the previous model.

I'll post some pictures of the progress as and when, so check back!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Iron Hands Sniper Scouts

To remain within the same line as my last posts, here are some more minis from my Iron Hands army.

These are my snipers scouts. In fact I bought them even before reading the codex... they were so cool ;) Well, they wound on a 4+, so I think there must be some situations where they are useful... what do you think?

I was looking for a nice camo pattern for the cloaks. I tried some rounded shapes but these angular ones appeared to be nicer and easier to paint. I'm pretty proud of the result.

Take a look at the cloaks and the clothes :

Maybe you noticed that these minis don't have the icons of the army.
On one hand I don't know how to place them... and on the other I think "Hey! They must prove themselves before having this honour!" ;)


Iron Hands Multi-Melta Dreadnought

"Should a Dreadnought fall in battle, his brothers will fight with righteous anger to retrieve the shell so that they may lay its occupant to rest with honour and reclaim the suit to house another dying hero."

Here's the first Dreadnought I painted.
You got it, that's the one from the Assault on Black Reach box.
The ork head comes from the same box too ;)

I don't really like this configuration so I'm working on an Ironclad and I'll replace the weapons of this one with a Lascannon and a Missile Launcher.
However, as they are not ready yet, this one will just do the job.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Iron Hands Devastator Squad

"Let the devastator squad be thy blazing wrath bringing the light of the Emperor's justice to the darkest corners of the battlefield"

So here's my Iron Hands devastator squad : 2 plasma guys, 2 heavy bolters and my bionic sarge.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tutorial : Green Stuff Casting (on shoulder pads)


For my Iron Hands army I wanted each mini to have the army icon on their shoulder pads.
Why I decided to cast them?
Here are the reasons :
- Games Workshop does'nt sell the shoulder pads with all the armies icons.
- Some shoulder pads only come in one specimen per box.
- Terminator shoulder pads are not sold with icons (at least not Iron Hands ones).
- Some metal minis already come with attached shoulder pads, so you can't change them (the same applies to the devastator's heavy weapons arms).

So I decided to do a Green Stuff tutorial for shoulder pads.

Here's what you'll need :
- Green stuff (obviously) ;)
- An specimen of the shoulder pad you want to duplicate
- Virgin shoulder pads
- Lubricant (oil, vaseline ...)
- A sculpting tool (or a cutter)

So here we go !

Step 1 :
Choose the shoulder pad you are going to cast.

Step 2 :
Take a little stick (wood, plastic ...) and enough green stuff to cover the icon you are going to cast and put it on the stick like this.

Step 3 :
Oil the shoulder pad with a pencil (we do this to be able to take off the mask without having the Green Stuff sticking to the shoulder pad).

Step 4 & 5 :
Press the shoulder pad into the stick and let it dry (24 hours will be fine).

Step 6 :
When the green stuff is solid, unstick the two parts.

Step 7 :
Oil the mask (same reasons than before).

Step 8 :
Take a virgin shoulder pad and place a bit of green stuff on it.

Step 9 :
Press the mask into the shoulder pad and take it off carefully (you don't need to let it dry).

Step 10 :
Here are the results. Take off the excess of green stuff with the cutter and/or smooth it with your wet finger.

So here you have a shoulder pad with a casted icon!

Take a look at my results!

Some terminator shoulder pads. Those with heavy weapons are magnetized, click here to see the how to.

An Iron Hand icon casted on a techmarine :

And finally, here's what you get when it's painted :

So try it, and good luck!!! :)


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Magnetized Assault Canon Terminator

After painting my Terminator squad from the Assault on Black Reach box, I decided to add a Terminator with a heavy weapon.
The big dilemma was : "Assault Canon or Heavy Flamer?"
And I though : "Take both of them!"

So I decided to magnetize them on my terminator. I drilled some 2mm holes and glued the magnets inside.
I still have to paint this, but here are the pictures with the weapons :

Notice the little icon of the Iron Hands casted in green stuff.
I'm currently assembling some assault terminators with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields, so more to come!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Custom Bike Sergeant with cloak : WIP

Here's a project I started some months ago.
My plan was to do an Iron Hand captain on bike for my upcoming army.

I used some Iron Hands metal legs adapted to the bike. The cloak was made out of green stuff using this excellent tutorial I found here (if the images don't show scroll to the end of the post to see this amazing paintbrush fold technique).

Here are some more pictures :

However I changed my mind and this will be a simple sergeant.
I'll tell you more about what I have in mind on my next post ;)

*The Paintbrush Fold Technique (seen here) :

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