Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Iron Hands Sniper Scouts

To remain within the same line as my last posts, here are some more minis from my Iron Hands army.

These are my snipers scouts. In fact I bought them even before reading the codex... they were so cool ;) Well, they wound on a 4+, so I think there must be some situations where they are useful... what do you think?

I was looking for a nice camo pattern for the cloaks. I tried some rounded shapes but these angular ones appeared to be nicer and easier to paint. I'm pretty proud of the result.

Take a look at the cloaks and the clothes :

Maybe you noticed that these minis don't have the icons of the army.
On one hand I don't know how to place them... and on the other I think "Hey! They must prove themselves before having this honour!" ;)

2 comentarios:

Morkai 23 September, 2009 20:47  

M'agrada el teu bloc! Jo també vaig començar un sobre els Mans de Ferro, però ni punt de comparació!

Seguiré el teu bloc! Saluts!

oni 23 September, 2009 22:37  

The paint job is great.

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