Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tutorial : Green Stuff Casting (on shoulder pads)


For my Iron Hands army I wanted each mini to have the army icon on their shoulder pads.
Why I decided to cast them?
Here are the reasons :
- Games Workshop does'nt sell the shoulder pads with all the armies icons.
- Some shoulder pads only come in one specimen per box.
- Terminator shoulder pads are not sold with icons (at least not Iron Hands ones).
- Some metal minis already come with attached shoulder pads, so you can't change them (the same applies to the devastator's heavy weapons arms).

So I decided to do a Green Stuff tutorial for shoulder pads.

Here's what you'll need :
- Green stuff (obviously) ;)
- An specimen of the shoulder pad you want to duplicate
- Virgin shoulder pads
- Lubricant (oil, vaseline ...)
- A sculpting tool (or a cutter)

So here we go !

Step 1 :
Choose the shoulder pad you are going to cast.

Step 2 :
Take a little stick (wood, plastic ...) and enough green stuff to cover the icon you are going to cast and put it on the stick like this.

Step 3 :
Oil the shoulder pad with a pencil (we do this to be able to take off the mask without having the Green Stuff sticking to the shoulder pad).

Step 4 & 5 :
Press the shoulder pad into the stick and let it dry (24 hours will be fine).

Step 6 :
When the green stuff is solid, unstick the two parts.

Step 7 :
Oil the mask (same reasons than before).

Step 8 :
Take a virgin shoulder pad and place a bit of green stuff on it.

Step 9 :
Press the mask into the shoulder pad and take it off carefully (you don't need to let it dry).

Step 10 :
Here are the results. Take off the excess of green stuff with the cutter and/or smooth it with your wet finger.

So here you have a shoulder pad with a casted icon!

Take a look at my results!

Some terminator shoulder pads. Those with heavy weapons are magnetized, click here to see the how to.

An Iron Hand icon casted on a techmarine :

And finally, here's what you get when it's painted :

So try it, and good luck!!! :)

7 comentarios:

Itkovian 21 September, 2009 14:28  

Well done for documenting what is a pretty essential technique if you're going to be doing an Iron Hands army, especially considering the cost of the standard box set.

You're building up some really nice articles on here, keep it up!

Ferrus Manus 22 September, 2009 00:55  

Thanks Itkovian!
I've seen your blog, very nice conversions!

omghobby 05 July, 2010 23:10  

Fascinating. And at least it looks fairly simple. Will definitely give it a try.

Chumbalaya 07 October, 2010 15:21  

That's all kinds of awesome.

John C. Morrison 11 August, 2016 11:46  

Fantastic idea, I just purchased some Blue Stuff instant mold and I will use your tutorial to place icons on my blank shoulder pads. Thank you!

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