Monday, September 14, 2009

Custom Bike Sergeant with cloak : WIP

Here's a project I started some months ago.
My plan was to do an Iron Hand captain on bike for my upcoming army.

I used some Iron Hands metal legs adapted to the bike. The cloak was made out of green stuff using this excellent tutorial I found here (if the images don't show scroll to the end of the post to see this amazing paintbrush fold technique).

Here are some more pictures :

However I changed my mind and this will be a simple sergeant.
I'll tell you more about what I have in mind on my next post ;)

*The Paintbrush Fold Technique (seen here) :

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Mattarias 02 July, 2010 06:28  

Ahahah, niiice. I like this guy already. "Who needs hands to steer their bikes? Heretics and xenos, that's who! CHAAAARGE!"

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