Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Iron Hands Multi-Melta Dreadnought

"Should a Dreadnought fall in battle, his brothers will fight with righteous anger to retrieve the shell so that they may lay its occupant to rest with honour and reclaim the suit to house another dying hero."

Here's the first Dreadnought I painted.
You got it, that's the one from the Assault on Black Reach box.
The ork head comes from the same box too ;)

I don't really like this configuration so I'm working on an Ironclad and I'll replace the weapons of this one with a Lascannon and a Missile Launcher.
However, as they are not ready yet, this one will just do the job.

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Squirrel_Fish 22 September, 2009 04:26  

Well done! I particularly like the detail given to all the tubes leading into the sarcophagus. Most painters would probably just skimp over it.


Raptor1313 22 September, 2009 07:21  

The paintjob's well done. It has a bit of character in the weathering, and I like the color added in the wires here and there. It helps break up what would otherwise be a monochromatic paint job, and makes it more visually interesting.

I think there's nothing wrong with the multi-melta and close combat weapon on the dread; it's not bad for advancing with the troops, menacing vehicles, and walking into CC with folks that forgot a decent powerfist.

For the longer-ranged dread, I'd not overloo the double twin-linked autocannons. Less strength, but it's capable of menacing just about anything under AV13 out to 48", which is a nice capability for marines. Plus, it's 125 for that, as opposed to the 145 for the las/missile. It's a case of volume > strength here. There are better ways in the marine army to deal with high-strength targets than lascannons; you just can't bring enough to get the job done reliably.

oni 22 September, 2009 21:59  

Well done. The weathering is very nice as well.

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