Monday, October 5, 2009

WIP : Ferrus Manus on Bike (post 2)

Here are some pictures of my Ferrus Manus on Bike project.
(You can find the first post here)
I attached the power axe and I'm currently testing the global position of the model. I want it to be rather dynamic, so I test several positions with some patafix.

I used a lightly modified Chaos Space Marine bike because I liked the "Harley Davidson look"...

Next steps :
- The shield
- The head
- and..... the cape! (this one will be difficult I think ;)

So come back soon for more pictures!

5 comentarios:

paul 05 October, 2009 22:00  

This is looking really good. I'm glad to see another iron hands player out there!

Ferrus Manus 05 October, 2009 22:07  

Thanks Paul!
If you have a blog or some pictures, I'd be glad to see them!

paul 05 October, 2009 22:15

Here's the direct link to the army pics:

It's mainly a blog that helps keep me painting when I lose motivation. I made a commitment to get my ironhands out of the grey mob "counts as" syndrome and into a fully painted, wysiwyg army.

Ace 06 October, 2009 18:13  

I like the Chaos bike... of course the demon heads on the boltguns need cleaning up...

Good job!

Where'd you get the base? That's very nice looking...

Ferrus Manus 06 October, 2009 20:54  


I know for the bolters, I'm thinking how to do it properly... On the other hand, the demons are quite cool ;)

The base comes from Dragon Forge, you can find it here :

They have very nice bases, I'm going to use some of them for my next terminators too.

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